Help - Investment Options

Investment Options provides details of the range of investment options that the Demonstration Scheme has made available.

Investment Options

The Demonstration Scheme offers a range of funds for you to invest in. The Trustee(s) have appointed [Insert Name of Fund Managers] to provide the funds for the Scheme.

You can visit the website of a particular fund manager by clicking on the fund manager's name above. Here you can view further details about the fund manager and each fundís characteristics.

The table below provides a list of the available Freestyle Funds (excluding the Lifestyle option). To see how each fund has performed over the past two years please click on the fund name below.

Fund Manager Fund

For more information on these funds please use the factsheet links below:

 - No factsheets available

The table below provides a list of the available Lifestyle Strategies. For details of these strategies, please click on the Guide to Fund Options link below.

Fund Manager Lifestyle Strategy
[Hardcode Fund Manager name or turn on auto-populate] [Hardcode Lifestyle Strategy or turn on auto-populate]
 - No Investment Guide available